Rubber screed floor for horses

Noddevelt supplies very high quality four component rubber screed flooring for horse trailers, trucks, stables and wash bays. The rubber screed floor mainly consists of rubber granule (recycled) and polyurethane.

Why use a rubber screed floor in your horse housing or transport?

Non slip

The rubber screed floor helps prevent horses from slipping and injuring themselves. The rubber granule in the screed floor ensures a slip-resistant surface and extra grip. This makes our screed floor particularly suitable for horse washing bays, trailers and trucks.

Stable climate and Hygiene

Floor insulation of your horse housing partly determines the climate. The composition of the rubber screed floor provides for an excellent insulator for the, usually cold, surface. In addition the climate is determined by the stable its hygiene. Noddevelt its rubber screed floor can be seamlessly installed. In this way the rubber screed floor stays free from bacteria and germs, such as algae. It is also easy to maintain: you clean the floor with a high pressure washer. The rubber screed floor thereby contributes to a healthy and pleasant living environment for the horse.


Noddevelt has a four component rubber screed floor in its assortment, mainly with polyurethane and recuperated rubber (granule of recycled rubber). Thanks to the rubber, the screed floor feels soft. The polyurethane ensures an exceptionally long life span. Tests showed that our rubber screed floor easily exceeds concrete in wear resistance. Moreover, it is resistant of chemicals and most acids.


The unique combination of our four component rubber screed floor, the high flexibility and the possibility of perfect installation, make it a high quality stable flooring or, for example, trailer floor. Recycled rubber which is processed into granule, provides for a soft and comfortable rubber floor for you and your horse, with sound and shock-absorbing properties.

Combination with mats

Thanks to the good adhesion to almost all materials, our screed floor is an excellent product to use in combination with rubber mats. You can, for example, place our resilient non slip mat seamlessly in the middle of the screed floor. The resilient mat provides extra comfort for human and horse. The rubber screed floor is easy to clean, because the surface has a seamless finishing. Take a look at Kees van den Oetelaar’s wash bays and go to references.

Screed floor for sale>>

Would you like to place your own screed floor in the wash bay or horse truck? All materials to lay a comfortable, seamless and hard wearing rubber floor are available from Noddevelt. We have all kinds of rubber; rubber screed floor, resilient non slip mats, non-slip mats with hammer blow structure and rubber tiles. Please contact us for the possibilities or go to rubber for sale>>


Noddevelt can place or install the rubber screed floor in your stable or horse trailer. Are you interested in one of our services, please feel free to contact us for more information.