Rubber conveyor belt as a sand barrier

Noddevelt supplies new and used rubber conveyor belt for sand barriers in round pens, horse exercisers, paddocks and riding arenas.


Why using rubber conveyor belt as a sand barrier?

Safe for the horse

Horses can be crazy sometimes when running freely in a paddock or while lunging. It is possible the horse jumps or steps out of the arena. Conveyor belt rubber is a safe solution to create a barrier. The horse cannot hurt or scrape itself on the soft and flexible top.


Because of its strength, rubber conveyor belt is ideal to create a sand barrier. Rubber conveyor belt is strong because of the multiple nylon inserts and weather resistance. Another example is that it is non-rotting when partly or completely covered in wet soil. New or used rubber conveyor belt is available on rolls in various sizes.

New/used rubber conveyor belt for sale>>

You want to make your own sand barrier? Rubber conveyor belt to create a safe and durable barrier is available at Noddevelt. Buy Noddevelt's rubber products and get free advice on the installation! Are you interested in one of our products or services, please feel free to contact Noddevelt tel. +31 (0) 73 260 0353 for more information and the possibilities. Go to rubber mats for sale>>