Rubber mats in horse stables at Stallion Station Joop van Uytert

Joop van Uytert has rubber conveyor belt mats in the stallion stables to maintain peace and ensure the optimal welfare of the horses. This is all made possible by a durable solution. The rubber mats are professionally placed by Noddevelt, in this way the installation is fully taken care of.

Peace in the stables at Stallion Station Joop van Uytert

The rubber mats in the stallion stables at Joop van Uytert provide peace in a unique way. First, when the horse kicks the wall, it produces a loud noise. The rubber mats in the stable ensure the kicking against the wall scarcely makes any noise. In this way, it makes it less attractive to the horse to show this kind of behavior. Therefore, the mats make it a more peaceful stable.

Stallion welfare at Joop van Uytert

With a view to the welfare of the stallions at Joop van Uytert, the protection of the horses in their stables is important. The rubber mats ensure protection in an excellent way. Now, if they hit the wall by rolling over or kicking, the rubber catches the blow and injuries to the hooves or legs are less likely to occur or aggravate.

Rubber conveyor belt is a durable solution

By choosing the rubber mats in the stallion stables, Stallion Station Van Uytert opted for a durable solution. Rubber conveyor belt has a great advantage: it is highly durable and colourfast, it remains good throughout the years. The rubber mats are finished with stainless steel, so the stallions cannot tear it of the walls. Under applications the advantages of other