Air Comfort and Rubber Screed Flooring at Kees van den Oetelaar

To create a unique floor for the horses in the wash bays and semen collect area, Noddevelt advised Kees van den Oetelaar a combination of these two products. The Air Comfort Non-slip Mat provides for pleasant flooring for the horse, thanks to the resilient property. The rest of the surface is installed seamlessly, with the help of the rubber screed flooring.


The rubber screed floor helps prevent the horses from slipping. The rubber granule in the combination of the screed floor makes it a non-slipping surface and provide for extra grip. Both the Air Comfort Non-slip Mat top layer with hammer blow structure and the resilience of the mat prevent the horses from slipping.


Hygiene is important to Kees van den Oetelaar, both in the wash bays and above all in the semen collect area. By installing the Air Comfort Non-slip Mat in combination with our rubber screed flooring, a seamless surface could be made, without losing the comfort. In this way no dirt can come under the rubber flooring, it is easy to clean and rooms stay simply free of germs and bacteria, such as algae. Go to rubber screed floor>>

Wear resistant

Due to the many stallions Kees van den Oetelaar has a wear resistant floor is a great advantage. It saves on maintenance and therefore costs. Noddevelt has four component rubber screed flooring based on polyurethane in its collection. The polyurethane resin in combination with the stabilizing silica granule ensures a very long life span. Thanks the resilient Air Comfort Non-slip Mat the horses have less grip on this rubber when scraping, than on a solid rubber mat. In conclusion, both products guarantee durability. Go to Air Comfort Non-slip Mat>>