Plastic grids for horse walker footing

Noddevelt supplies plastic grids for the footing of horse exercisers and walkers.

Shells in plastic grids
Sand over plastic grids
Sand over grindroosters

Why using plastic grids in your walker?

Sustainable drainage in horse exerciser or walker

Like building a horse arena or riding arena, it is important to have your horse exerciser well drained. It makes it possible to use the exerciser year-round. Build the soil in various layers for a good drainage. But when the layers of rubble, gravel and sand mix together the soil drainage ability will quickly diminish. Plastic grids ensure that the top layer is kept separate from the sub-layers in the horse exerciser or walker.

Less maintenance of soil in exerciser or walker

Horses always create a walking track in an horse walker or exerciser, which makes a rut in the surface. Plastic grids prevent the horse from making a deeper rut. The grids are best to be filled with gravel. The plastic grids in combination with the gravel provide for a stable base for the top layer of around 5 centimeters. The sand of the top layer will stay better on the bottom layers. Eventually, the grids ensure a more solid surface and you barely will have to rake.

Less injuries and wear

The soil of an exerciser or walker in which concrete clinker bricks are placedĀ are likely to cause injuries. Horses constantly walk round and round and because they lean a little to the inside in a turn, they place their hooves at an angle of a few degrees on a hard surface. This causes a lot of friction in the joints and wear of the hoof. Plastic grids with a top layer of sand ensure less friction. The sand adapts to the placement of the hoof and the grids provide for a solid bottom layer which prevents a horse track.

Fast and easy installation

The plastic grids have a patented interlocking system which makes them easy to install. In the factory twelve tiles of 33 x 33 centimeters are clicked together like one large plate of 1,33 m2, which is easy to install. In this way, you place 1,33 m2 in one single movement.

Plastic grids for sale & Installation

Plastic grids for your exerciser or walker are available from us. Noddevelt can place the grids on site as well. Are you interested in one of our products or services, please feel free to contact us for more information and the possibilities.

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