Rubber mat in Horse Truck

Noddevelt supplies rubber screed flooring, non slip mats, springy non slip mats and transparent PVC. We also have rubber trailer ramp mats and mats for the protection of the sidewalls of your horse truck.

Why rubber mats in a horse truck?

More comfortable for the horse

A rubber screed flooring or (springy) mat in the horse truck has a damping effect, in this way it is more comfortable than a hard surface. The horse will arrive well rested at its destination. Secondly, when a horse kicks the wall hard or falls during transport, a soft rubber wall or flooring will help prevent scrapes and injuries.

Horses are easier to load

When horses are scared, they are often difficult to load. Slipping while loading or transporting can be a possible cause. The rubber non slip mat or screed flooring, which are respectively used for the floor and trailer ramp, have a special non slip top layer. When the rubber gets wet, the floor or ramp of the horse truck remains non-skidding. The horse becomes more confident, because of the good grip while loading or transporting. Horses will load better and faster into the horse truck and stay calm during transport.

Protects floor and walls of horse truck

Rubber screed flooring and non slip mats are liquid-tight glued to the floor. This prevents the wooden floor from rotting. By glueing a rubber mat to the wall of the horse truck, the walls are protected against horses kicking. So rubber can significantly increase the lifespan of a horse truck.


Noddevelt can (re)place the rubber screed flooring or mats in your horse trailer. Are you interested in one of our products or services, please feel free to contact Noddevelt for more information and the possibilities.

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Would you like to build or renovate your horse truck? All kinds of rubber to build a safe and comfortable horse truck are available from us; transparent PVC, rubber screed flooring, non slip mats and trailer ramp mats.

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