Rubber in Horse Stable

Noddevelt supplies all kinds of rubber mats and mattresses for horse stables.

Rubber in Horse Stable
Rubber in Horse Stable
Puzzlemat in Horse Stable

Why using rubber in horse stables?

Peace and protection at the stables

Do you have a restless horse in your stable or does it kick walls? Then rubber floors and walls in your stable is a good solution to prevent all this. The rubber mat reduces the noise which makes it less attractive to the horse to kick. And last but not least, it protects your horse against injuries by kicking.

Prevents capped hocks

The rubber in your horse stable helps prevent capped hocks. Horses stand against the wall and every time they lift their leg it touches the wall. This causes a capped hock. Rubber is a soft material and is installed an inch away from the wall, in this way it is able to move, preventing the horse from swollen hocks.


In addition to peace at the stable and the protection of your horse, rubber mats have a third advantage; rubber is durable and colourfast, it remains good through the years. Rubber mats (conveyer belt) will be finished with stainless steel frames, so the horse cannot tear it off the walls.

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Would you like to design your own horse stable? All the rubber to create a comfortable stable for your horse are available from us; horse mattresses, non slip mats, rubber tiles, puzzle mats, conveyor belt, stainless steel frames, and so on. Buy your rubber products lucratively at Noddevelt and get free advice on installation! Go to rubber for sale>>


Noddevelt can place or install the rubber mats and horse mattresses in your stable. Are you interested in one of our products or services, please feel free to contact us tel. +31 (0) 73 260 0353 for more information and possibilities.