Non-slip mat on roll, 12mm

Rubber mat roll.

Rubber non slip mat on roll, 12mm thick. We supply this rubber non slip mat in various widths, from 1.5m to 3m wide and up to 70m in length. The mat is easy to custom cut. This rubber product is ideal to lay a seamless non slip flooring for the horse in your:

horse truck,

horse trailer,

wash bay,

stable aisle,

horse stable .

The hammer blow on top of the rubber mat provides for a good grip in dry state as well as in wet state. Because of its resilient property, for the horse the rubber is comfortable to stand on. The hammer blow structure is very easy to sweep. You can place this rubber loose laid as well as glued liquid tight. For the gluing we have special kit and glue in our collection. The textile print on the bottom of the mat allows strong adhesion to the surface. Liquid tight gluing saves you a lot of cleaning time. The insert of the mat provides the mat with extra strength.