Air Comfort Non-slip mat 18mm

This springy rubber mat provide EXTRA GRIP en COMFORT!

Air Comfort non-slip mat

This 18mm thick robust non-slip mat features 5mm uneven studs and 100% rubber hammer blow non-slip top layer of 13mm, with textile insert. This combination ensures a stable, resilient mat of high quality.


Width: 100cm to 300cm (every 10cm).

Length: 5-40m.

Thickness: 18mm (13mm top layer + 5mm studded profile on bottom).

Installation: to be installed loosely or to be fixed with kit and/or stainless steel nails or screws.

Application: trailer, truck, wash bay, collect area stallions, aisle.


The Air Comfort non-slip mat has several major advantages.


Thanks to its characteristic studs, the Air Comfort non-slip mat is very pleasant to walk or stand on, both for human and horse. The uneven studs provide comfort. The load bearing capacity is due to the large studs, while the smaller studs optimize the mat its resilience.


In addition to the hammer blow profile it provides extra grip for the horse when standing on the springy rubber mats.


Due to the resilience of the Air Comfort non-slip mat, the horses have less grip on the mat when scraping than on a solid mat. In short, longer life span.

Ventilation subfloor

In the unlikely event of moist or condensation coming underneath the mat, the studded profile on the bottom of the mat ventilates the subfloor in horse trucks and trailers. This will significantly increase the life span of the flooring in your means of transport.


The Air Comfort non-slip mat is available on roll up to 3m wide. This makes it possible to seamlessly cover a large surface, making the space easy to clean.

Combi flooring

Our Air Comfort non-slip mat in combination with Noddevelt its rubber screed floor gives you the opportunity to create a unique floor of high quality rubber in large spaces. For example, a horse wash bay and the semen collect area for stallions. For an impression, go to References and see the result at Kees van den Oetelaar.


Also take a look at our rubber screed flooring for horses or the horse mattresses!

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